Leith Community Centre Association SCIO

Leith Community Centre Association SCIO is responsible for the management of the Community Centre in partnership with City of Edinburgh Council.


  • Our purpose: We exist to advance education and to provide and assist in the provision of recreational facilities for the community of Leith.


  • Our members: Any person aged sixteen or over who supports our purpose can apply to become a member of Leith Community Centre Association SCIO. Our members meet at least once every fifteen months. Members elect up to nine of its fellow members to serve as Trustees of the organisation who manage its day to day affairs.


  • Our board:  Up to nine Trustees form our board and are a commonly known as the ‘Management Committee’. Our Trustees oversee the day to day running of our body and are accountable to our members and our regulators.


  • Access to information:  Copies of our founding documents, meeting minutes and other records are available upon request.


  • Contacting us:


Leith Community Centre Association SCIO is a registered charity in Scotland, SC047512, regulated by the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). Our registered office is 12a Newkirkgate, Edinburgh, EH6 6AD.


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